In the Nhood neighborhood, we believe in proximity, empowerment and positive impact

If we want to transform places for the better, we must live by the same principles. Right? That’s what we do every day. Our culture relies on three values that make a successful neighbourhood life as well as a committed company.


We are inhabitants above all. We live in the territories where we act, in proximity with the market and local players. This is how every day we create, develop, and enrich simple proximity links between us and with all those around us:

  • with the inhabitants to answer their aspirations.
  • with our clients to answer their needs.
  • with different partners to create synergies.


We believe in standing out and being bold in our organizational culture.

  • Because we act with intention, we decide and make it happen. We strive to change the status quo, innovate and energize new ideas with passion, discipline, and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Because we are agile, we adapt to the changing environment and evolving client needs.
  • Because we give our best, we keep learning to become better. Autonomy, right to error, and performance assessment shape this proactive commitment.

Positive Impact

We make sure that our actions have a positive impact:

  • on Planet by integrating into our activities the urgency of the fight against global warming.
  • on People around us through a positive approach and inclusive interactions, so that everyone feels welcome.
  • on Profit by considering that economic prosperity and sustainable value creation go hand in hand with social and environmental goals.

Talent, this way!

We like to challenge and to be challenged back. Our door is open to anyone who surprises us with ideas for the new living mood.


Margarida Madeira


Tânia Paredes