Mixed-use project development on a neighbourhood scale

We design our development activities in co-creation with residents, institutional partners and economic and social stakeholders to bring to life useful, sustainable projects that enhance the local value. The mixed-use projects in which we operate are equipped with an offering of offices, housing, retail, and services on a neighbourhood scale.


Renovation and rehabilitation

We improve and regenerate properties with sustainable projects that are meaningful for users, to help optimize rent and boost asset value.



We provide both consultancy services and turn-key solutions for investors looking to trade land, get funding, consolidate, or improve the performance of their assets. We have end-to-end expertise in development management for commercial, residential, offices and mixed-use places.



We analyze your real estate investment goals and define a comprehensive strategy to cover all project needs, from marketing to leasing, with a focus on occupancy and rent maximization.


Architecture & Urban Planning

From conception to construction, we create living places that benefit each neighborhood and its residents for a long time. With an approach that envisions building and urban optimization, we aim for the best design solutions and financial outputs. Project consultancy and management, refurbishment and fit-out management, urban design and regeneration included.


Environmental, Social and Governance Management

We manage every stage to ensure certification standards for buildings, processes, or licensing. We believe that economic performance and sustainable value creation go hand in hand with social and environmental prosperity.


Brand Development

We start by listening to all those involved in a project, including owners, inhabitants and public authorities, and by analysing the territory to develop positioning, naming and branding for real estate projects.


Digital Experience

We develop the customer journey as a whole, on two intersecting levels: the physical contact points and the digital experience. With this integration, we answer innovation needs and enhance each channel, project or space.


Communication Strategy

We create communication strategies for real estate projects through participatory methodologies. Inhabitants and stakeholders are involved since development to launch for a sound strategy.


Co-creation and Territory Listening

We believe in projects that start with people. In each territory, we listen and talk to the communities in a co-creation process based on our values of proximity and empowerment. Mindful of our surroundings, we study the places and analyse the competition.

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